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This page shows some of my astrophotography and CCD images, featuring images of comets and asteroids, along with many other astronomical and non-astronomical subjects.
Please note that all photographs and CCD images are Copyright Gordon Garradd. Specifically NO use by millennium/conspiracy theory/UFO websites is allowed. Private and educational use IS allowed, however anyone who wishes to reproduce them, including on the internet, should contact me first at:
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Updated 2012 01 12


Comet Lovejoy

The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, with a very faint Comet Lovejoy to the lower right of the LMC 12/1/2012


Comet Lovejoy Time-lapse 2/1/2012



Comet Lovejoy, The Pointers and Southern Cross 2/1/2012


Comet Lovejoy fading as it moves away from the Sun 2/1/2012


Comet Lovejoy and the MilkyWay 29/12/2011


Comet Lovejoy, a meteor, a satellite and the Milky way 29/12/2011





Comet Lovejoy over the Milky Way  27/12/2011




Comet Lovejoy in detail, note the elongated streak above where the nucleus should be, and tumbling satellite trail


Comet Lovejoy, the Pointers and Southern Cross 25/12/2011



Comet Lovejoy and skyglow 25/12/2011




 Comet Lovejoy in the morning twilight 24/12/2011


Comet Lovejoy in the morning twilight 23/12/2011

Comet Lovejoy & crescent moon in the morning twilight 23/12/2011



*January and February 2007 photos of Comet McNaught latest image added 2007 02 11

* Large explosion visible over Australia on 20th February 2007, Now with a 20MB animated GIF covering half an hour, the rocket fuel explosion and debris cloud from the Breeze-M rocket body

Scenic Panoramas made with a digital camera in various locations

*Downburst at sunset to the west of Warrumbungle National Park, 22nd November, 2006 10MB animation

*Sporadic fireball and its glowing train avi movie made with D200 digital camera photos taken 2006 September 23 at 20:14 to 20:25 local time showing a bright fireball and its drifting train

* Fly agaric toadstools in Nundle State Forest

* Solar Halo display on 2nd March 2006 at Siding Spring

* Lightning photos from a storm on 18th February 2006 at Siding Spring Observatory

* 2 time-lapse animations of the night sky on 20th and 21st January 2006 11MB night sky animation .. 20MB night sky animation

* Aurora Australis from Siding Spring Observatory D70 digital camera photo taken 2005 August 24 at 19:54 local time showing a dim red display

* Deep Impact mission to Comet Tempel 1 images from July 3, 4 and 5 showing the expanding cloud of material from the impact on 4th July.

* Aurora Australis from Loomberah D70 digital camera photo taken 2005 May 15 at 19:23 local time showing a dim pink display through clouds and a short animation

*Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz on 2005 Jan 6th New image showing long gas tail near the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus.

* Venus in transit across the face of the Sun animation and still photos 2004 June 8th.

* 2 naked eye comets in one view! May 19th and 20th fisheye lens views of Comet LINEAR in the WSW and Comet NEAT in the Northern sky.

* Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) Large animation showing moving tail structure, and digital camera image taken May 20th showing coma and 10 degrees of tail. This comet has moved to the evening sky and is easy naked eye visible from dark sites.

* Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) New image taken 2004 May 19th showing the comet's long tail as it recedes from Earth and the Sun in the Northern evening sky .

* Aurora Australis from Siding Spring Observatory digital camera photos taken 2003 Oct 30th between 4 and 5am local time showing a dim but nice display

* Comet 2000 WM1 (LINEAR) images taken 2002 Feb 01.75 and 02.76 showing the comet after its huge brightness increase

* Comet 2001 A2 (LINEAR) see images taken June 21 2001 showing the split nucleus and large coma in colour, a similar image from June 19 plus mosaic images from May 18 and 22 showing the first 1.5 and 1 degree of tail respectively

* The Stardust spacecraft had its Earth Gravity Assist encounter on 2001 Jan 15. See an image taken at a range of 31720km at 10:04UT here



Location: Loomberah Observatory is situated at Longitude 151.05 East, Latitude 31.33 South, Altitude 845m ASL. (IAU observatory code 422) approximately 300km North of Sydney NSW.


Here are a few of my photographs

Storm moving over the Warrumbungle National Park 12th Dec 2004

A very large animated gif of a storm moving Northwards,
west of the Warrumbungles on 24th November 200517MB Storm Animation


Mountain Biking - pics and story 1st May 2003 - Werrikimbe National Park


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